Accessible AR glasses for hearing-impaired people, Get back the moments you've been missing and help you better integrate into society.
Put Them On So You
Don't Miss Important Stuffs
We hope LEION Hey can help you feel confident in your social, career and daily life.
Live Voice
Transcription In Millisecond
Cooperate with top ASR engine partners to support multi-languages recognitions and transcription,
making the communication more naturally and fluently.
Dual Waveguide Lens
100% Privacy Protection
Single Direction Virtual Screen With “0” Light Leakage
85% transparency, crystal clear for both indoor and outdoor wearing.
Get Started With One Tap
All in one design, wireless and easy to carry. Compatible with iOS or Android Smartphones. No need to hold your smartphone, connect to Wi-Fi and unlock more usages.
Mic Array for Beamforming
The Recognition Rate Is Above 85% Within 5 Meters [1]
Whether you are in a noisy block or a station, Leion Hey recognizes the voices, helping you to understand the important stuff. The ultimate noise reduction and accurate sound capture allow you to chat anytime and anywhere.
*Note:[1] According to the data of the laboratory experiment
Battery Life
Up To 5-Day Stand-by Per Charge
Up To 2 Hours With Full Usage
You can charge LEION Hey with a power bank anytime, anywhere.
*Power bank is not included in the set.
Fit For All
You Can Choose Dark Filters
Or Myopia Lenses For The Perfect Fit
LEION Hey glasses adopted standard framework, you can go to professional optical shops to customize your own glasses.
For more information about LEION Hey? please contact us.
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