Remote Medical Treatment / First Aid

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Since the first telemedicine solution based on smart glasses was launched in 2015, as the leader in the field of AR telemedicine, LLVISION has always focused on AR telemedicine and first aid, constantly upgrading functions and improving user experience.


LLVISION cooperates closely with Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University, Wuhan Central Hospital, Puyang Hospital of Henan Province, Presbyterian Hospital of New York and other well-known hospitals at home and abroad. It develops solutions focused on remote teaching, hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, remote cooperation of emergency vehicles, ward round record, welcome reception and other scenes. It has flexible deployment, excellent shooting performance and high data value Features, has been unanimously recognized by customers.


Under 5G network, the communication ability is no longer the bottleneck. In this case, real-time HD video and voice interaction can be carried out between emergency personnel and hospital specialists. During the " Golden Rescue 30 Minutes", first aid medical workers,wear smart glasses and broadcast the first perspective live video to the doctors at hospital center in real time, beside dual way voice communicaiton through smart glasses, they can take photos and retrieve medical records efficiently.


By wearing smart glasses, the nurses at the triage table can identify the member's identity at the first scene when the member comes to the hospital for medical treatment, so as to facilitate the next step of triage treatment.

In addition, by wearing smart glasses, medical insurance inspectors can check the first scene of hospitalization every day and identify the patient's status in the medical insurance system, so as to effectively reduce bed hanging and fictitious hospitalization.

High definition audio and video, clear under astral lamp

-LLVISION first-perspective smart glasses with specially optimization of camera shooting, metering, focusing and color matching for the medical scene, it enables the real operation scene recording.

-Support whole process video recording and automatic report generation for traceability

Docking HIS

-LLVISION professional technical support team provides docking and deployment implementation

-It can be deployed to operating room, ward and emergency vehicle to quickly realize data sharing and synchronization

Smartphone: Android 6.0 or above

Browser: Google Chrome 56 or above

Server: Ubuntu 16.04 or above

Puyang hospital in Henan Province deploys smart glasses on ambulances. In the face of emergencies, it can connect with backstage doctors from the first perspective to provide patients with timely and professional rescue plans.


LLVISION, together with the health and Life Sciences Department of Intel industry solutions group, provides the overall scheme design and technical support for the community health service center of Wuhan Labor Street.


LLVISION, together with Xuanwu hospital stroke center, provides remote first aid and diagnosis and treatment for Lijiang ancient city, supports and participates in the construction of Lijiang base of National Engineering Laboratory of internet medical diagnosis and treatment technology.