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Since 2018, the qualification of property service enterprises has been officially cancelled in China, which means   the entry threshold of future community property management is lowered, and the era of "great navigation" in the property industry is coming. At the same time, with the development of information technology, the traditional property management operation mode is more and more difficult to cope with the endless demands. How to improve brand influence and core competitiveness has become the urgent demand of property management enterprises.


Junhao property adopted LLVISION smart glasses inspection solution, which based on the first perspective video, dual-way audio and other multimedia remote guidance interaction ability, AI intelligent identification ability. The whole solution greatly empowers the property management ability of the enterprise, helping it to achieve full operation management, elevate property managment brand, and improve market competitiveness.

Multi party online training

-Employees can participate in tutor training remotely and online, and support multiple participants

-The instructor liberates his hands, explains while operating, and the staff and the instructor interact in real time to increase the training fun and efficiency

-The first perspective is live training process, which is natural and intuitive, and improves the training effect

-The audio and video of the training automatically saves the video, audio, screenshot and text of the training process in real time, forms the knowledge base accumulation, and calls to view at any time

Daily patrol inspection

-Based on the standard inspection process, record the overall inspection process from the first perspective

-Take photos, voice and text records at key inspection positions

-Multimedia of inspection record in the background

-Structured multimedia patrol record, easy to search

-If an exception is found during patrol inspection, you can call experts for remote assistance with one key

Remote expert guidance

-On site maintenance personnel can call online experts for help

-Get the real-time situation of equipment operation from the first perspective of on-site maintenance personnel

-Experts can provide remote assistance and guidance through experts' mobile app and PC browser, and call other experts to help solve problems

-Through voice, text, picture and annotation, it can provide the first perspective remote video guidance, rich media two-way push, real-time augmented reality (AR) guidance and other innovative interaction. Real time and efficient guidance of on-site personnel for maintenance, saving valuable time

Identification and license plate recognition

-Based on glxss force platform, license plate recognition is carried out by wearing glxss smart glasses, which is flexible and can obtain vehicle related information in the first time and check vehicles in the jurisdiction

-By wearing glxss smart glasses for face recognition, we can obtain the information of mobile personnel in the jurisdiction flexibly and quickly, and improve the security of the jurisdiction

Emergency command and dispatching

-The first angle of view actively captures on-site audio and video information and sends it back to the command center. Combined with the passive fixed camera, the three-dimensional on-site situation feedback mechanism is realized to improve the overall emergency command and handling capacity

-Connect the visual command and dispatching platform, combine the GIS system, two-way audio and video to improve the efficiency of emergency command and dispatching

-The first perspective is evidence collection and record, which is convenient for post analysis and continuous improvement of emergency command and dispatching process system

Junhao property cooperates with LLvision to apply the innovative technology of the first perspective Ar + AI intelligent glasses to property asset management, a remote expert management system based on wearable equipment, and Junhao The centralized control center of the property is closely integrated to realize the transformation and upgrading of traditional business. Based on the LLVISION smart glasses equipment, it realizes daily mobile inspection from the first perspective, calls for the assistance of remote experts in case of problems, realizes multi-party remote technical training and other technical empowerment.