Worlds leading audio and video communication

HD and Low latency

Global deployment, covering 200 countries, ms-level latency, support up to 720p

High session capacity

Support up to 17 people interaction, hundreds of people live watching

Network adaption

Dynamic network adaption, guarantee the real time communication; audio connection is prioritized in extremely poor network condition

Different network

framework compatible

Support flexible nodes deployment, firewall traversal and customization according to enterprise system and firewall conditions

Rich collocate support

Audio and video storage

Support to convert and store the AV streams in live call, benefit the future retrieval


Support sending texts, pictures and documents during the calling session

Smart Glasses Control

Support remote control on smart glasses, realize zooming, volume control, MIC control and AR dynamic tracking

Extension Support

Support live broadcast glasses video through RTSP and RTMP protocols, or integrate other video sources

UI Templates

Provide UI templates for applications on Android, Smart Glasses and Web platform; Accelerate development process

Seamless integration into Enterprise Information System

Software, hardware and development environment

Smart glasses:


Android version:

5.1 and above

Server OS:

Ubuntu 16.04 and above

Other applications:

PC: Chrome, Mobile: Mini Program