Advanced audio and video communication

Rich modular kit

Provide templates of common UI, list, input box, popup window, cards and other UI elements.

Rich interaction

Provide interactions including voice, gesture, code scan, button, head motion and etc.

User-friendly on smart glasses

UI, controls and interactions match perfectly with smart glasses, easy to use

Optimization and customization

Special optimization according to different industries and applications. Support customization of both content and interactions.

Interaction capability


Design and optimized based on smart glasses, providing gesture recognition and tracking


Provide keywords awake, long speech-to-text service; Support both offline and online modes. Support customization of key words.

Code scan

Support single and multiple codes scan; support common QR codes and bar codes.

Head motion

Directly trigger head movement event through sensors

UI kit

Support work order, work training, content input, attachment callout and etc.

Software, hardware and development environment

Smart glasses


Android version

5.1 and above